We offer one-on-one support and guidance to help clear up the muck.

We are an organization that believes everyone deserves to have a life that is healthy, happy, and fulfilling. We aim to help you get a step closer. Our services for people with disabilities include career counseling, employment supports, public benefits planning, and financial education to help you reach your goals.

We know that decisions and changes related to your career and finances can be scary, and it’s not always easy to go through it alone. Information is available everywhere, but it can be hard to navigate and understand everything you find, especially when it doesn’t always match up. We offer one-on-one support and guidance to help clear up the muck.

We are here for you, to offer the assistance and direction you need to achieve that next level of success – at every stage of your journey!

Check out our services page to see how we can support you in your path to meaningful employment and financial self-sufficiency.


How we can help

We offer a broad range of Career Coaching, Benefits Planning (WISA/WIPA), and Financial Education services.

Some are available for Social Security recipients through the Ticket to Work Program; or for individuals with disabilities through state Vocational Rehabilitation agencies. We can also offer private pay services in Career Counseling, Financial Education, and Benefits Planning, if you are not eligible for services through one of these. We’ll help clarify what is uncertain and simplify what is complex so you have the tools you need to succeed. Services are tailored to your specific employment needs and goals.

Social Security Benefits Planning

We work with a few State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies and other organizations such as Medicaid Waiver providers to do Benefits and Work Incentives advisement and counseling to clients who receive SSI, SSDI, or both.

Ticket to Work Services

The Ticket to Work program is a great way for people who get Social Security benefits to return to the workforce, or try working for the first time. The system is designed to help people achieve financial independence at their own pace – but it can be difficult to navigate by yourself.

Resume and Interview Prep

It’s hard to take the next step in your career without a resume to make you stand out, and the confidence to own the interview. We love helping people figure out the best ways to show their skills, talk about their strengths, and figure out if, when, and how to bring up tough topics. Typically this service is offered through our Ticket to Work program, but we sometimes have availability for private resume and interview prep services as well.

Career Coaching

No matter what challenge you’re facing as you are trying to take the next step in your career, we can help! As part of our Ticket to Work Services, we can help with exploring career changes or advancement, help you find and get a great job, support you as you get settled in and adjusted, and provide long-term maintenance support, too.

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