Hello! I’m Sarah,

the founder of Next Step Success, LLC.

For most of my life, I have been drawn to helping others succeed. Throughout my life, I always found myself helping family and friends with resumes, interviews, and major job change decisions, as well as financial education like budgeting and understanding credit. I loved helping people in these areas so much, I made it my career.

I have experience from all sides of the world of employment – as a manager in the food service industry as well as a job coach working with job seekers; with an education that involves career planning and counseling; and directly in the disability employment and vocational rehabilitation field since 2013, specializing in working with individuals with disabilities.

Helping you find meaningful work and get to that next step in your success is not just my job – it is my passion.

Career and Financial Support

Professionally, I’ve been helping people at the state and local levels since 2013, first as an Employment Specialist and then as a Workforce Development Specialist at the Virginia Division of Rehabilitative Services. People with disabilities face many challenges to finding meaningful work. Some of those challenges are external – physical job requirements, misconceptions about their disability, doubts about their abilities. Others are internal – feelings of self-doubt, discomfort in social situations, and lack of self-confidence. My job was is to coach you through those challenges and find dignity and fulfillment in work, while making sure that your finances and critical benefits are secure when you need them.

I am excited to be able to serve individuals in all walks of life through many doors with Next Step Success, LLC. We offer a broad range of services for career advancement: from resume editing to interview preparation to career coaching, and can customize my services to your specific job search needs. We also help with public benefits planning: from understanding how income from work can affect Social Security cash benefits, Medicaid/Medicare, and other benefits, to learning the basics of money management or learning how you can save money for big goals and purchases without losing benefits in the meantime.

Whatever need you have, we’ll help clarify what is confusing and simplify what is complex so you have the tools you need to succeed.

Ticket to Work

We have helped many people return to work, or find a job for the first time, and make strides towards financial independence through the Ticket to Work program since early 2020.

If you are getting Social Security benefits, we can help you navigate the program and find meaningful work – while understanding the possible impact on your benefits, and how to maximize them while you move into the world of work.

American Dream Employment Network Member.
Ticket to Work. Social Security Administration.

Background and Certifications

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor – CRCC

Certified Work Incentives Practitioner – Cornell University

Youth Work Incentives Practitioner (specialization)- Cornell University

Community Partner Work Incentives Counselor – Virginia Commonwealth University

Master of Science in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling – West Virginia University