Here are some of the agencies we partner with that you may be able to access our services through and a description of the services we provide.

Benefits and Financial Services through Vocational Rehabilitation

We work with a few State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies and other organizations such as Medicaid Waiver providers to do Benefits and Work Incentives advisement and counseling to clients who receive SSI, SSDI, or both. These services are different depending on the state. If you are a getting services from a state agency or another organization and are interested in benefits planning, please contact us, or speak with your counselor or case manager to learn more.

Benefits counseling

Virginia Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies (DARS and DBVI) – WISA Services

  • WorkWorld Benefits Summary and Analysis detailing the impact of earnings on your benefits as well as information about work incentives and programs to help you with work and financial empowerment
  • Assistance with application and approval for work incentives and healthcare protections
  • Financial coaching services including Financial Health Assessment, Budgeting, ABLEnow accounts, and more
  • Ticket to Work “handoff” when you reach successful case closure with DARS and wish to continue receiving supports as you move toward self-sufficiency
  • Group services to students about employment, career pathways, benefits and work incentives, and financial/budgeting basics
  • We specialize in working with Youth since there are lots of different rules, programs, and safety nets for younger folks who get benefits

Ticket to Work

One of our Core Services under the Ticket to Work Program is Benefits and Work Incentives Advisement, closely linked to Financial Wellness Support.

While you’re working toward your employment goals, we’ll make sure to help you understand how your benefits could be changed by your earnings, and how you can hold on to critical benefits like your health insurance.

We’ll go over the work incentives (protections and safety nets) for your Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI and SSI), Medicaid, Medicare, and others, like SNAP food assistance, Waiver, housing, etc.

We’ll help you make the most out of these benefits and protections while you’re working toward your employment goals, understand requirements for reporting to various agencies like Social Security and Social Services, and help resolve any concerns that might pop up as you go along.

In the future, if you stop work or lower your wages, we can also help you understand your options for getting those benefits again if they have stopped due to work.

Private Pay Benefits Planning

Maybe you aren’t already getting services through one of these other avenues, don’t qualify for financial assistance through them, or don’t want to wait for the information you need to make decisions about work.

We are pleased to offer private pay benefits planning (out-of-pocket) for those who are interested. There are a range of services that can be provided, from a full benefits summary and analysis, to assisting with resolving overpayments, to helping protect your Medicaid while you’re working. Some brief descriptions are below, but this is not a complete list of services. For the best information about what we offer, please contact us for an appointment.

Benefits Summary and Analysis

When we meet, we will collect information to learn about your work history and employment goals, and verify benefits information from Social Security. We then put together a report that details what programs and protections are available to you, how working could change your benefits and when, what your reporting requirements are, and more. We’ll meet to go over the information in the packet, and give you a chance to ask questions so that everything is clear.


If you have gotten a letter from Social Security recently telling you that you owe them money, we can help you understand the situation, and your options for what you can do moving forward. We can help you communicate with Social Security, fill out necessary paperwork, and follow up with Social Security while paperwork is being processed.

Medicaid Protections

We can help you determine if you qualify for 1619b and/or Medicaid Works, two programs that can help protect your Medicaid while working, even at high income levels! Medicaid Works also lets you have higher resources (assets) than normal limits – which can really boost your financial situation.

ABLE Accounts

We are very experienced helping people understand the possibilities that ABLE accounts open up for individuals with disabilities, as they are a place to save money without it being counted toward the resource limit for most public benefit programs. We can help you learn the ins and outs of the programs, brainstorm ways to fund your account, understand how you can spend your money, and even help you with opening your ABLE account successfully.

Other services and supports include…

  • Accessing the Student Earned Income Exclusion
  • Developing Impairment Related Work Expenses
  • Budgeting/Financial Empowerment sessions
  • Financial Health Assessments
  • and more!

If you are a representative of a State Rehabilitation Agency, Employment Services Organization, or Medicaid Waiver provider and you’d like to make a referral or discuss a contract for services please  contact us. If you are interested in learning more about our professional Consulting and Provider Education services, please click here to learn more or contact us to schedule an information session.