Training and education

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Is your organization looking to start providing Benefits Planning services? Do you have new (or existing) staff that would benefit from a crash course on Social Security benefits and the impact of employment? Are you looking to better support the clients you serve? We can help!


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For companies looking to start benefits planning, educate their staff, or have other related goals. Our Consulting can be customized to what you need, but in the past has included services such as:

  • Explanation of benefits planning services and potential referral/funding sources
  • How to structure benefits planning services in your organization
  • Best practices for finding, hiring, and training new benefits counselors
  • Creating base templates for reports that capture critical information and topics
  • Review and evaluation of new benefits counselors to help reach high levels of efficiency and accuracy in services

Provider Training and Education

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We welcome the opportunity to provide training and education in a variety of settings (like conferences, state agencies, businesses and teams) who are providing services to folks with disabilities. We can offer broad range trainings or something specific to your needs. If you’re not sure what you need, we’re happy to help figure that out, too!

Past Training and Education Includes:

Confident Conversations: How to Talk to Clients about Social Security Benefits and Working – Florida APSE Conference

Social Security Basics – Virginia Collaborations Conference

Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD)